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PymaTuba Christmas 2023 poster.PNG

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary (1974-2023) of Tuba Christmas at Conneaut Area Senior High in Linesville, PA. 


This year is our 4th annual PymaTuba Christmas event hosted in the Pymatuning Lake area.  Created by Harvey Phillips , and coordinated through the Harvey Phillips Foundation, Tuba Christmas concerts will be presented in over 200 hundred cities throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.  Phillips was inspired to create Tuba Christmas as an annual event honoring his teacher, the late William Bell, born on Christmas Day, 1902. 


Every holiday season, tuba and euphonium players of all ages gather to pay respect to all of the great artists and teachers who have contributed to their heritage.  Across the globe, the warm, rich organ-like sound of the tuba-euphonium choir has won the ears and hearts of every audience.


PymaTuba Christmas was started in 2018 and coordinated by Mr. Ralph Egyud, Jr.  We continue to honor his love for Tuba Christmas and his memory as a music educator in the Conneaut School District.


Please mark your calendar! The 5th Annual PymaTuba Christmas is tentatively scheduled for December 14, 2024 at Jamestown High School in Jamestown, PA.

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